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Chalkboard Trays
Design & Instructions by Pattie Donham, Host of Craft Studios

Salvage those old trays from the garage, and turn them into Chalkboard Play Trays, with chalkboard spray paint!

Recycled TV Trays
Krylon® Black Chalkboard Spray Paint
Stickopotamus® Alphabet Stickers: “Funky” 
1/4” ChartPak Graphic Tape (Red or Blue)

1. In a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors), spray an even coat of chalkboard paint over the top surface of the trays, in a vertical direction. Let dry.
2. Spray a second coat of paint on top of the trays, spraying in a horizontal direction. Let dry.

Note: If the surface is uneven or a light color, spray a base coat of paint on the top of the trays before spray them with the chalkboard paint.

3. Adhere the graphic tape around the edges of the tray, cutting at the corners to create a mitered corner.
4. Using tweezers, place alphabet stickers around the edges of the tray, creating words of inspiration and affirmations and fun!

PattieWack Pointer:
You can transform virtually any surface into a chalkboard, including a mannequin! Tie a piece of chalk to a string and tie it to the mannequin for a very unique conversation piece. 

Other Ideas – Bed side tables in the kid’s room, lampshades, frames, and even a wall or even a door. Kid’s will love to be able to draw on a surface that otherwise would be off limits!