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Stamp Jewelry
Design & Instructions by Pattie Donham, Host of Craft Studios

Going to the Post Office can get creative when you see this pretty Stamp Jewelry made from Audrey Hepburn collector's stamps.

Postage Stamp(s) of your choice
Heavy Cardstock
Delta® Archival Quality Photo-Safe Glue
Scrapbook Paper in coordinating color
Hole Punch
Tulip® 3mm Crystals 
EnviroTex Lite® Pour-On High Gloss Resin & Hardener Kit
Small disposable cup & craft stick
Paper plate & small hairspray cap
Petroleum Jelly
Craft Knife
Needle Nose Pliers
Jump Rings, Wire & Beads
Ribbon for a necklace
Pin Back & E6000 Glue for a Pin

1. Adhere postage stamp to scrapbook paper. Trim 1/4” around the edge of the stamp to create the face of the pendant.
2. Trace around pendant onto heavy cardstock, cut out. Repeat so that you have two cardstock cut-outs.
3. Stack the two cardstock cut-outs and glue together. Glue the pendant on top of the cardstock pieces. Let dry.
4. Punch out a hole at the top of the pendant if you plan to make a necklace. Punch out a hole at the bottom of the pendant if you plan to add a dangle of wire and beads.
5. Rub petroleum jelly on the top of a small hairspray cap. Set on a paper plate. Place pendant on top of the hairspray cap. (Be careful to place the plate in a level place for overnight drying time.)
6. Mix resin and hardener together according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour over the pendant until it covers the edges. Level the resin with the edge of the craft stick.
7. Drop crystal into the resin after it begins to harden. Let dry overnight.
8. Re-punch holes in pendant. Trim away excess resin on the back of pendant with craft knife.
9. Attach jump ring to the top of the pendant to create a necklace by threading a ribbon through the ribbon.
10. Attach jump ring to the bottom of the pendant to add wire and beads for a decorative dangle.
11. Glue pin back to back of pendant to create a pin.